Full service construction and development company with a history of reliable services and quality performance.


Building and Roads Rehabilitation

We serve all segments of the market, ranging from national institutions and international institutions. The skills and resourcefulness of management, couples with the talent and productivity or our labor force, has resulted in a cooperative effort to successfully complete project that exceed the expectations of our clients.




GAI, an industry leader in construction, provides an unparalleled level of quality, safety and cost protection throughout the construction process. For over 20 years we are working with international Organizations government institutions to construct important infrastructure and solve complex community construction needs. We do this for all types of organizations, in all industries – in the most high-stakes situations.




Construction of Residential and Commercial Building

We monitor construction at every stage and verify that the work is executed in accordance with contract documents, and that the completed work meets quality standards. Clients’ projects are professionally delivered with minimal or no construction delays, cost protection, and adhere to safety standards. GAI works extensively with state agencies, municipalities, institutions, and private developers. Our success is based on building trusted relationships with clients.

Success rate

100 %


Agricultural Land Development

Continuously building quality projects require a company-wide mindset that united all team members behind one main purpose: Construction Excellence and Client satisfaction. For that reason, our people and our culture are our most treasured assets. At GAI, we enjoy a work environment that is flexible, collaborative, diverse, intellectually and creatively stimulating and inspiring! As an independent company, we are able to invest in industry-leading programs to help our people set the standards in their fields.

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